The importance of building elevator maintenance

Building Elevator care is very important for the sake of convenience and the main thing is the safety of elevator users in the building with high activity. Below will explain the building elevator maintenance performed by an elevator mechanic.

  1. Care Equipment Controller in the engine room

– Inverter and Main Board

– Check the display on the inverter and the main board panel mounted on the controller cabinet, see if all is normal or shows display err code. If found the err code, check user’s manual and set in accordance with the instructions. Do occasionally change or add codes on the main board and the inverter software.

– Check Among other cables, terminals, relays, contactor AVR, and all components in the controller cabinet and tighten the bolts visible sagging.


  1. Treatment drive motor

– Check the terminals connection cables to the motor.

– Check and observe the motor when the rude noises (loud)


  1. Treatment brake motors

– Check out how it works, good adjustment would give the maximum age of the brake equipment.

– Brake Shoes

– Check and replace if worn and thin, also consider whether there is oil that is attached to the brake as this can affect the workings of the brake. Brake shoes should not be in contact with the oil.

– Check all moving parts, especially the pins and screws, tighten if loose, and provide lubrication if necessary.


  1. Maintenance Sheave (wheel drive)

– Check the play sheave (cog), especially the plot if the plot was still in accordance with the requisite standard, also check the fastening bolts


  1. Governor

– Check the bolts and tighten if loose, lubricate the parts that need to be in accordance with the needs and schedule. Immediately replace if there is equipment that is worn out and also the time to be replaced. Also check the steel cable must be in good condition.

The entire maintenance work, replacement of spare parts, and overhauls must be carried out by trained and experienced expert in the field of elevator-escalator and must have training (training) basics operator of elevator-escalator safety and have certified competence in the field of maintenance of elevators