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A London Courier Company

Couriers now play a vital part in retail and business, especially with the increase in procurement on the Internet. Its no surprise therefore that the Courier industry is very busy and very competitive right now and it can be often difficult for a consumer to find the right one.

Selecting the right courier company is vital to any business that relies on products being delivered to customers because essentially the reputation of the company is in the hands of the courier. If packages dont arrive on time then it reflects badly on the retailer, as well as the courier.

Weve been there and heard all the excuses for late deliveries in the past and have compiled our Top 3 excuses that you should not accept as a customer of a courier company.

1.”My van broke down”. The classic excuse. In todays world vans are much more reliable than they used to be and if they are maintained properly there is no reason why they should just break down

2.”I got stuck in traffic”. If you have ordered a time sensitive delivery its vital that it arrives on time. After all you have paid extra to have it delivered. Dont fall for this excuse. If it doesnt arrive on time, it doesnt arrive on time.

3.”Your offices were really hard to find”. Couriers are equipped with Satellite Navigation in their vans now, so if they have your postcode it should be really easy for them to find you!

The important thing to realise is that you shouldnt accept these, or any excuses regarding the delay in the delivery of your package. Even more so if you have booked a time sensitive delivery such as a pre 10am. Its important to realise that the consumers have a choice. They are plenty of courier companies out there that are plenty competent and more than willing to take on your business so dont rest on your laurels and let the poor performers get away with it.

You wouldnt accept a poor performance from anyone else, so why accept it from your courier company?