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Bernie De Souza Introduction

After watching what seemed like an endless procession of people walk across the stage to celebrate achieving new levels in the Amway business I was amazed as the thing they all had in common was to mention that they were all part of Bernie DeSouzas group.

My introduction to Bernie De Souza was when he was speaking at a conference in Birmingham to twelve thousand attendees, along with Dr Robert Rohm from the United States, an authority on personality profiling and a human behaviour expert. As part of the audience I was enthralled to hear how he became an Amway Diamond at such a young age and also within such a short space of time. As he says dont know you dont know and he didnt know any different to what he was told upon seeing the opportunity to retire to full time living at the age of twenty seven. His attitude and incredible dynamism made his goals come to fruition wherever he focussed his activity and continues to do so to this day.

Having captivated audiences around the world as a speaker, the principles he teaches with his wisdom and understanding of human behaviour combine to make his delivery style un-missable and direct. He will have you leaving with something workable and not just having heard a good speaker. A massive change from his time at the Royal Air Force where as a physical training instructor his people skills were expressed through blowing a whistle. Then being shown an opportunity to enable him to retire at age twenty seven to full time living and travel globally to ascertain the best information and impart it . Its better to be prepared for opportunity and not have one, than to be unprepared and have an opportunity as he says.

In Newcastle, England several years ago I had the chance to hear him speak along with Robert Kiyosaki, the world famous author who has had several books in the bestsellers chart simultaneously on financial management. Bernie continues to develop relationships with people not for his benefit but for those with ears to listen as he is a sought after speaker.

With his background in sport he has coached and mentored international cricket teams, English Premier League football teams and Olympic athletes .I am honoured to have him mentor me too as I know how valuable his time is and his formidable driving force to help people grow in all areas of their lives.

Being present to hear him speak at a conference with Allan Pease the bestselling author and relationship expert as they shared the stage was a phenomenal experience and the information shared second to none. All in all he is one of the most remarkable men I have ever met.

James Burch