Quality and productivity factors for Service Expedition

Expected business clients on the expedition is to provide products and services on time. Not to compete with other competitors, the quality and reliable productivity. Quality equated with excellence that bring excellence, value and worth. Productivity is equated with the intuition that led to instinct, impulse and sixth sense. A single term that best describes this dynamic combination Qualitivity:

Quality + Productivity = Qualitivity

Organizations today are striving to survive this period of economic downturn and recovery to follow. Qualitivity ensures this survival by focusing on quality and quantity of work and the quest for service excellence. These three Qs quality, quantity and quest combine to achieve the full benefits of Qualitivity. Exploring the methodology for achieving the three Qs will ensure Qualitivity is achieved.

As management is responsible for getting results, they need to be vigilant in seeking these opportunities. Fortunately, many ideas are generated by and gathered from line staff. Management is responsible for accessing, researching and implementing these fast paced changes. Management will also be generating process improvement ideas by asking the following questions:

What could be streamlined? What could be improved? What could be eliminated? What could be combined? What could be automated? What could be changed? What could reduce costs? What could increase productivity? What could improve quality?

Answers to these questions will surface as management reviews the work in their area. Therefore, both employees and management provide Qualitivity opportunities.

One of the keys to Qualitivity is management and employee acceptance. This is vital to the success of a high quality and productivity environment when management and employee ideas converge and blend into one coordinated effort. Management and employees will need to find a common ground. Everyone should begin to examine if tasks are important, valuable and necessary.

When managed correctly, there will be a renewed quest for quality and productivity. As all groups launch new initiatives, it will begin to get contagious. There will be a resurgence of creativity within groups. As this trend accelerates, it will be a key indicator that management has created an environment conducive to Qualitivity with the goal of streamlining of processes and reduction of operating costs while maintaining quality.

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