Deaerator recognize and benefits

Deaerator is a tool that works to get rid of the gases contained in the water boiler, after through a process of purification of water (water treatment). In addition deaerator also serves as a charging boiler water preheater before being inserted into the boiler. Deaerator works based on the nature of oxygen solubility in water decreases with an increase in temperature. The introduction deaerator can be seen in the following figure.

Deaerator tool consists of two drums where smaller drum is a preliminary heating and exhaust gases from the boiler water material, whereas the larger drum is a shelter material boiler water that falls from the smaller drum on it. On a smaller drum there is a spray nozzle that serves to spray water boiler material into fine water droplets so that the heating process and exhaust gases from the boiler water more perfect material. Also on smaller drums provided a vent line so that the gases can be wasted (together with steam) into the atmosphere.

The main element in determining the success of this process is the physical contact between the material water boiler with heat provided by the steam. Some things to note in the deaerator are:

• The amount of condensate water flow
• The amount of material flow water boiler
• The pressure in the deaerator
• The water level in the deaerator

If deaerator can not work properly, it can adversely affect the system of feed water, condensate system, and will also increase the use of chemicals. To achieve good efficiency deaerator there are several things to note are:

• Keep the temperature and pressure as high as possible in accordance with draft
• Make sure the steam / vapor exit / venting of the deaerator that oxygen and gases which are not condensed come out
• Inspect the inside of the deaerator to ensure all components are not damaged

Parts of Main Deaerator
To support the work deaerator, then in the deaerator need to be equipped with instruments taking the measurements, which is useful to monitoring the operation or the work of the deaerator itself. The images below show on the main parts of deaerator and some measurement instruments that equip.

– Spray-type Deaerator
It is used when the deaerator feed water needs to be heated prior to use steam as the heating

– Vacuum Deaerator type
Mechanism of action of vacuum deaerator is dissolved gases in the water was removed by using a steam ejector or or with a vacuum pump, to obtain the necessary vacuum, vacuum deaerator mechanism can be seen in the figure below II.4. The amount of vacuum depending on the water temperature, but usually 730 mmHg.

– Deaerator type Tray
as a medium to enlarge the fall of the water so that the water molecules would be mutually exclusive to one another, so the tray in this type deaerator is to force water molecules to spread making it easier for air release.