Being Present for the People You Care for

I’ve been living in Louisville for most of my life with frequent visits to Lexington, Kentucky to see my friends that have made the move. After this last visit I think I will end up joining them. It’s not something that I had really thought of before since Lexington is only about an hour or so away from Louisville and I never did mine the trip down here. But when I saw some of the most rad apartments for rent in Lexington KY the last time that I was visiting, I realized that I could be living here close to my friends!

I have learned a valuable and difficult lesson during my years as an adult: friendships are what keep us going. I’ve tried living as a hermit – I’m sort of naturally reserved as a person anyways but it doesn’t ever work out for long periods of time. I find myself craving the company of the people that I trust and the people that I have grown to love but I also am there for them no matter when they need me. I learned that reaching out to them only when I needed them was not the right way to have a friendship.

Friends have to be there for one another no matter what and not just on the terms of one of the parties. It has to be mutually exclusive – it’s too easy to lean heavily on people and to see them as tools in a way. At least for me; I had a ‘friend’ that I would constantly go to only when I was feeling down or had some sort of dilemma that needed to be taken care of. After a while of not returning the sentiments, they stopped being my friend. I can’t blame them for that in the slightest which is why I now attempt to be present always.