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The Recruiting Industry Have A side Depressing

A lot of people have “heard” that you can make a lot of money by being a recruiter, however there are some personal downsides to the industry which have a more personal perspective. If you decide to enter the employment / recruitment field, here is what you are bound to see – especially in this economy. Note: they are all sad.

1. People who will never get in this country but they work harder than most Americans – regardless of what your political views are (mine are quite conservative and feel that more foreign professionals at this unemployment rate cannot be tolerated), when you see the work foreign professionals put in to gain entrance to this country is quite astonishing.

These hopeful Americans have learned to speak multiple languages, have skills which range from marketing to sales to all types of programming. These are skills which 99% of Americans do not have. However, and I agree with this to an extent, no company will take the risk of bringing in somebody from Southeast Asia.

2. Having people towards the end of their career who are trying to get back into the work market – this can often be hard to watch as many professionals towards the end of their career have a very tough time getting a job. Additionally, these individuals have lost a lot in the stock market and, although I wish I could do something about it, there is little to no market demand to hire these individuals. This administration is in for quite an eye-opener when they truly realize the extent of this economy and the extent that older professionals have been hurt by it.

3. Having to tell people that they did not get the job after all the work that they did – to get a senior or executive level job these days, not only is it competitive, but there is a lot of work involved. It is very hard to inform somebody that they did not get a job after hours upon hours of interview preparation, interview presentations and multiple meetings both phone and in-person.

4. Desperation calls and emails – we cannot take these calls and often recognize the name behind the emails, however it is not pleasant to see. Some people will call and email recruiting firms every week and, although there is nothing we can do, it is sad to see as the unemployment rate is not providing any assistance to them. Also, these all too frequent and somewhat bothersome contact methods don’t get them far, but you can’t help feeling sorry for these individuals.

5. Companies taking advantage of the bad economy and not wanting to pay proper compensation – recruiters get calls all the time from companies who want free sales representatives. Personally, I am very turned off by this. Nobody should exploit the labor of others. It also says something as to their character.

The right type of hand sanitizer refills

Keeping clean at all times, especially in public places like an office, are very important. Hand sanitizers therefore form an important part of office hygiene. As employees are sharing a common space, there are several places where you may touch common surfaces. All it needs is for one person with unhygienic ways to spread an illness in the office. A good idea would be to keep hand sanitizers in such places for all to use. Keeping them constantly refilled will have all employees reaching for them.

A simple way to stock up on these is to look for them online. There are several websites that carry them and the pricing is competitive ensuring that their customer base remains intact. Most sites will also have a lot of discounts as well as offers on products like hand sanitizers that you are bound to get a good deal. Strike a good deal with an online vendor to ensure that he gives you a good deal each time you go to him. But before you sign a deal with any vendor, make sure to ensure the quality of the product.

The simplest way to do this is for you to ask for samples of varying quality, to ascertain which one is best for your company. Once you have made your choice, ask the vendor to send you the order directly. This will also save you the hassle of picking up the shipment in person.

Other alternates to buying online would be to do your shopping for such supplies at popular discount stores in your neighborhood. There are often discount or dollar stores where you can go to pick up such products. You dont have to worry about the quality of the product, it will be good. You will of course have to check the quality before you place a bulk order. You will find that buying a single unit of the product will be more expensive than when you buy in bulk. The only thing you have to make sure of is that the expiration date has not yet passed.

Once you identify a good place for you to get these supplies from, you can ask them for special discounts if you plan to buy on a regular basis. Any company will be happy to do so for a regular customer. There are also several membership programs as well as affiliate companies that you can join in order to get the best discounts as well as the best products.

Relocation and Courier services

Need for Courier Services

Since there is obviously the necessity of sending things from one spot to another, courier services become essential for our day to day life. Whether of non-public or business purpose, everyone use courier services for sending documents, parcels, medicines, money etc., from city to an alternative or collected from one of country to a new. Why are courier services a lot better than any transporting services, is the speed. The courier services aid in delivering the parcels faster within a day if it is in the same country when you are looking at excess baggage services, next the courier companies guarantee to supply your parcel within 4-6 working days. Thus, some people make use of courier services for transporting business documents and parcels nationally in addition to internationally. The courier services have grown to be inevitable in life therefore we cannot imagine of transporting documents and parcels without courier

International Courier Services

Amongst many of the kinds of courier services, international courier service is a strategy to send the parcels or documents from a single country to a new that may be sent by air or sea. So that you can send a document to a university located away from your country or send some snacks in your relatives staying from the country, then you can certainly send it through international courier services. So, the next occasion when you are planning to transmit a gift for your friend staying abroad, just don’t stress about it, you are able to send it through overseas courier services provided by the very best courier company. Should you be considering to relocate from the country and large amount of stuff to relocate, you’ll be able to buy international cargo shipping that may guarantee the safe and timely delivery of the belongings. So, unique document courier service, parcel courier service, relocation services or cargo shipping service, the principle goal of all cargo services should be to enable your courier to realize to its destination safely without damages.

If you’re looking to get a courier company in India offering international courier services in Hyderabad, Bangalore or any part of India to several countries like UK, USA, Australia or any destination worldwide.

courier services

Top Business Challenge Strategy


We are seeing the gyrating door for top officers whirl faster and faster. 2/3rds of all major firms globally have replaced their CEO at least once since 1995. More than 1,000 CEOs have left office over the past 12 months. In 2000, over 40 CEOs of the top 200 companies were fired. When 20 percent of the most powerful business leaders in The United States lose their employment, there is a problem!

So, what has brought down these capable executives? What is the overwhelming problem? In a Fortune article titled, “Why CEOs Fail,” the question was posed, “suppose what brought down all these powerful and undeniable talented executives was just one common failing?”

Top management gurus have been screaming for corporate America to better focus and execute.

Workers are pleading for focus, clearer expectations, and the opportunity to contribute to that focus. FranklinCovey study involved than 400,000 employees who were asked to evaluate their managers. Managers scored lowest in the following areas:

– Prioritizing work so time is spent on most important issues (related to strategy) – Setting clear expectations with employees (related to strategy) – Providing feedback on how to improve – Building teamwork by maximizing the talents of the workgroup

Gallup studied more than 80,000 managers from 400 companies to find out what leadership behaviors are most effective. From that, Gallup identified twelve key behaviors that were most successful. Here are four of those:

– aligning each employee with the mission – letting employees know what is expected – tapping into the talents of employee – talking with the employee about their progress

So how big is this problem?

Some studies show that managers waste 90% of their time on unproductive activities, and only 10% of their time on what proves to have an impact.

FranklinCovey conducted a study of 850 workers from many different companies and found that these (knowledge) workers typically spend 40% of their time on tasks related to the organizations mission-critical objectives. “Imagine the impact on the organization if people were giving 80% or even 60% of their best efforts to your top priorities instead of only 40%?”

Knowledge workers constitute 60% of a typical workforce, and waste up to 60% of their time on low value activities.

Management consultants report that less than ten percent of the business strategies developed get executed.


The solution is an company where every person, every week, knows what they should be doing, how much weight it deserves relative to their other assignments, and how their goals relate to the goals of the people around them — in short, an open system that’s always running in high gear.

Inspiration For Women, Mon Abudu

Mo Abudu was born in the month of September in1964 in Londons Hammersmith Hospital. She was the third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Akintunde. Akintunde family relocated themselves to Ondo State when she stepped to the age of 7. There she started to spend her childhood days with her grandparents who used to plough cocoa beans. During this very period she learnt about her African background and culture. At the age of 11 she was admitted to the Fiwasaye Girls Grammar school there.

She lost her father at the age of 12 and came back to UK once again. After coming here she took admission in Hammersmith Country Secondary school and then after one year in Ridgeway School which was in Kent. Mo Abudu continued her studies of degree course in West Kent College and there after in Mid Kent College. She then went to the University of Westminster to take the Master Degree in HR Management from there.

Mo Abudu set her sail of her professional career in the year 1987 as a Recruitment Consultant in the Atlas Recruitment Consultancy which is in UK. She performed excellently and with in few years she got the post of the Branch Manager. Therefore she was hired by Starform Group to look after the famous Corporate Credit Management Exhibition for long three years from 1990 to 1992. Here in this field she got enormous success. Then in 1993 Mo Abudu came back to Nigeria and was recruited in ExxonMobil by Arthur Andersen as the chief of their Human Resource and Training units. In 2000, armed with experience and skill she resigned from this responsible designation to achieve the goal of VLA and took the business of Nigeria to21st century level. Another landmark of her career is the successful commissioning of Protea Hotel in Oakwood Park in the year of 2004.

Mo Abudu is not only a successful businesswoman but also a caring mother of two beautiful children. Though she has got separation from her husband yet she has been maintaining a good friendship with her husband since her divorce.

Banking Robotic Software Is Helping Banks Compete With New Entrants

Banks are experiencing new and disruptive challenges to their traditional business models and product offerings. There is a whole new range of companies like Google, Apple and others starting to provide financial services focused on the most profitable products and services currently being provided by banks.

Banks are responding by offering similar services in a fashion now being expected by consumers, but they are facing huge challenges in adapting their existing technologies, legacy systems and business architectures. This is where Banking Robotic Software is making rapid change possible.

They traditional response to these new competitors would be to replace legacy IT systems with state of the art technologies. Unfortunately, replacing these core systems would take years and enormous amounts of capital and operational risk. An option banks are increasingly taking is to augment existing systems by applying Banking Robotic Software. This approach allows new products and services to be offered through new customer interfaces, with Robots processing the various transactions through the user interface of existing legacy applications. This approach would be less feasible if humans were required, however it becomes practical because Robots work at twice the speed of humans, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Since these Robots can work on virtual computers, they do not require any of the infrastructure that humans require and are not susceptible to the attendance, coaching and other management overheads required by humans.

Banking Robotic Software can be also be deployed much faster than large IT projects. Robots can be configured and trained on timelines similar to training a new staff person. However, once one Robot has been trained, all other Robots immediately receive the same training.

Banks are also applying Banking Robotic Software to their other business lines as a means of reducing cost and improving customer service. At a cost of less than $7.5K per year, Robots are also enabling companies to repatriate work from business process outsourcers, resulting in further cost savings and improved customer service.

Insurance Robotic Software

Insurance Robotic Software is helping reduce cost, mitigate risks and improve customer service. Insurance policies are evolving rapidly to accommodate new situations and technologies, while the need remains to support legacy policies. In the past, companies relied on humans to retain knowledge and experience to these support legacy policies, however todays employment market is seeing a much higher turn-over of staff and the resultant risks associated with losing staff experienced in administering legacy policies.

Robots can be trained in very complex business logic and are therefore able to process claims across a full range of policies, quickly and efficiently, with no human errors. They also eliminate the risks of staff turnover.

About Business Management

It does not matter if you are manager of a large corporation or a if you manage a small company in a small community. It does not matter if your bottom line is customer service or if it is products that you sell. Management at any level in any company can be a challenge and most of these challenges are the same regardless of how many people you have reporting up to your level.

Management has several major concerns when it comes to running a business. They should ensure that everyone is working at their full capacity and are keeping the amount of dead weight they are carrying under control. They also have to make sure that they are maintaining standards of quality both with the products and services with the objectives and action plans in place to help achieve a better level of production. They also are sure they have in place a system of checks and balances as a way to ensure that the actions of the company are producing the results they want.

It can be a hard line to draw and most of the time many people do not understand the role of management in the workplace because they are not actually producing work. To be an effective manager, sometimes you need to get in the trenches and work with these people who are your lowest producers.

There are a number of directors out there that are just improvising. They are not sure about how to obtain the best overall performance of the company and if you are managing a large staff this is not surprising, because you have to trust your eyes and ears of everyone else to keep an understanding of what is happening.

Answers can be found online in the form of management tools of many systems that are being offered. Entrepreneurs from around the world are discovering that implementing Six Sigma can help your business more effectively manage and measure results. A constant evaluation and training of employees to meet and exceed the goals can really help you achieve the kind of success you are looking for, while building a company that is strong from bottom to top. It is important to consider the use of these tools if you really want to have the success you are looking for for your entire staff. Six Sigma managers are able to work less and be more productive. six sigma training can prove to be very beneficial in increasing the amount of efficiency of your business. To find out more information on how you can become certified in six sigma black belt log onto today.

Buzzword Transformation Change Implementation

Buzzwords are a part of every industry and change management is no different. While dealing with a constant flux of buzzwords can be entertaining, aggravating, or both, they can be said to serve a useful purpose. When entering into the change management field, for example, there is a period of adjustment when everything is new and exciting. After a person has been in a field for twenty years, the excitement wears off. The information, the terms, the work itself is a largely a known quantity. This is where keywords can serve a useful purpose, as a means of refreshing the field and reigniting interest in the work. Right now the big buzzword in the area of change implementation is transformation.

Transformation is a term that is cropping up everywhere: forums, blogs and articles. It has ignited engagement from a wide variety of sources. Yet, in spite of all the discussion it is generating, it remains a poorly defined term. To clarify its given meaning for those working in the area of change implementation, transformation is a qualitative change in the way an organization does business.

It is a functional definition, but it hinges on the meaning of the phrase qualitative change. In essence, a qualitative change represents a departure from a previous approach toward business in favor of a new one. This is opposed to a quantitative change, which is an attempt to continue doing business in the same way but do it more effectively. A good example of a qualitative change can be drawn from the history of Compaq.

When Compaq first hit the scene, its essential claim was the portability of its computers. Their computers were small enough, compact enough, and light enough to be taken from here to there. As the PC industry evolved, the portability claim was threatened by miniaturization, in the form of laptops for example. Rather than try to pursue an ever-smaller, lighter computer, Compaq decided to alter course and focus on offering the lowest cost computers. The change implementation that Compaq engaged in was not a shift in production technique or design, but in the way the company perceived and projected itself within the marketplace.

The moral in this for change professionals engaged in change implementation is to be aware that the term is tied directly with qualitative rather than quantitative change. The urge to include a buzzword like transformation to generate excitement should be limited to its applicability to qualitative change. The risk in doing otherwise is that the change implementation will not be able to deliver on the promise of the buzzword.

Hospital Policy Management Tools

Hospital Policy Management performs a vital role in the proper running of a hospital. The medical policies of patients are important and contain sensitive information, thereby warranting extra care in their handling and management. A minor error in data handling can complicate itself into a major problem in the court of law and the concerned person may be devoid of his/her right to the insurance. These complications arent just a loss to the patient or the concerned party but are even a blot on the hospitals reputation. There are large numbers of hospitals dependent on the hospital policy management tool for managing the bulky data of the policies of their patients. Thus, policy management tools play a pivotal role in the successful running of these hospitals.

Advantages of Policy Management Tools

– The various Policy Management Tools helps in managing, sorting, and updating the medical policies of the patients in accordance with the department in which they are being treated or their location in the hospital (so to say, the data can be easily accessed avoiding unnecessary flustering).

– The medical policies can be accessed by the authorized people anywhere from the hospital. The patients or the staff concerned need not access the main server each time to access the data. Moreover, multiple accesses at a time smoothens the functioning of the hospital.

– Transparency in the hospital operations is established as each patient can access the management tool from anywhere in the hospital and any intentional or unintentional change in data can be tracked down easily.

– Centralized and authorized control is a major advantage for the hospital management.

– The tool reduces the staff required for the purpose of creating and maintaining medical policies. It also speeds up the otherwise slow, error prone, human-run procedure. In the way, it benefits both the hospital management and the patients from the burden of formalities attached with medical policies.

A hospital can avail customized software developed exclusively for the hospital and ensure a smooth functioning.